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Dear friends, on this page, you can find the information about the development of our project, our successes, and achievements, and stay tuned for up-to-date news. However, there is still a possibility that some of you may not exactly know what our project is about, what it was created for and what its, as we assume, significant aim is.

So that we came up with the idea to create a page with all the detailed info about “Pogorelov Tales”, how the project has started and how it is going to be developed in the future.


the secret of pogorelov tales


From the publisher:


“These children’s books, created by a young writer, tell us about ordinary everyday situations from the unusual and creative point of view. One of the remarkable features of these short stories is that they teach moral values through the didactic life lessons in an easy-going and understandable for children manner. These books are recommended for the children of all ages.”

“Pogorelov Tales vol. 1” is a unique collection consisting of six story books to be read by both nice and mischievous little superheroes. All these exciting modern short stories are parts of the whole, but they were published as separate bilingual books in the format A6, which is compact and convenient to carry.The cover for each story book is absolutely unique and was specially designed, as well as the charming illustrations which follow the pace of each fairy tale.

Right now, the books are already available on Amazon in eBook and audiobook formats. You can download the first of six eBooks as a .pdf file after filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to provide us with your mail address, where the books will be delivered absolutely free of charge. The eBooks include some exclusive bonus illustrations which you will not find in the printed ones.

 Bilingual children’s fairy tales for fun and learning


Each story book is made up of two parts: the same fairy tale is given both in Russian and English.This is the result of common efforts of the author of the original books and the team of language specialists and illustrators. It let the stories be not only fun and didactic but also educational and motivational for children to explore and discover the world. The basis of each of these short stories is morality and the deep meaning, which was put by the author with the intention to help parents in bringing their children up and teaching moral values to them.

Our language specialists have adapted each tale, carefully choosing the vocabulary and filing our fairy tales with the words, perfectly suitable for children. We hope that these stories will bring the young readers a lot of joy and motivation to explore and discover. “Pogorelov tales” let children explore the culture of Eastern countries, learn about the traditions and beliefs of different people and nations.

These didactic books for both children and parents open to you a possibility:

  • to spend more time with your children
  • to enjoy reading an interesting story
  • to teach moral values to your kids

Don’t be afraid of the question of price. We tried to make our stories easy to get for everyone. Both at the places for selling and online, the price for the book equals the cost of one cup of coffee. When a book costs as much as a cup of coffee, it is the most affordable way to teach our children to love reading, to bring the world of wisdom and positive emotions to them, isn’t it?


pogorelov tales


Specially for you, we have added to this volume one more story, which no one has read, heard about or even imagined before.  It is going to be released this year. The dates of the releases of all the new story books are:

  1.    “A Tale the about the Magic Musical Duck” – is already available – order the electronic variant here.
  2.    “A Tale about the Green Fairy” (May-June, 2017)
  3.    “A Tale about the Wandering Young Man” (May-June, 2017)
  4.    “A Tale about the Tomato Master” (August, 2017)
  5.    “A Tale about the Blue Star” (August-September, 2017)
  6.    The Bonus Story №6 (August-September, 2017)


If you are not fond of reading, our first audiobook is already available for online ordering on Amazon. We were thoroughly choosing a person to record the tale because we wanted children to hear the nicest voice, the most pleasant intonations and correct pronunciation.In the late fall of this year you will be able to order ‘Pogorelov tales’ in an exclusively designed wooden box which will be delivered to your door absolutely free of charge.

Our current aim is to let children know about our project because it is being developed for them. Together with our partners, we organize reading sessions for kids at the bookstores and leisure parks, support various talent competitions and provide them with our bilingual books, which are given as prizes. We carry out presentations, give interviews, organize autograph-sessions and just believe in fairy tales.


Don’t forget to check out our blog and our Facebook page to be informed about the latest news. We would be really glad 🙂


Screenshot_1We gather experts’ opinions and readers’ reviews about our books and post them in the section “Reviews” on our website.Nevertheless, the impressions of our both young and adult readers are much more valuable to us, so feel free to share your thoughts in the same section or on Amazon on the page of our fairy tale. We appreciate every comment and opinion about our work. We are writing stories for your and your children’s delight, and your nice words are a real delight for us 🙂

Order our storybooks, enjoy reading them, spend time together with your kids, and bring them up together with our fairy tales. Feel free to contact us, our door is always wide open to you.

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